My NORD VPN on Linux Mint

Well, if you have watched Person of Interest (too bad is was discontinued) you know that everyone spies on you (your ISP, government, google, yahoo, etc.). ALL collect your activities, even perfectly legal activities can be held against you. My sister likes German TV series and often they are geo blocked and can not be downloaded to our North American IP address. Continue reading My NORD VPN on Linux Mint

SEAGATE Harddisk Crashed

2 days since my HDD on the Laptop died a sudden death … (2 TB Seagate, 70% full, less than 7000 hrs of operation and <9TB written and <10 TB read … NOT as expected …)

It died while I was attempting to make back-up copies (without knowing it was about to die). Now it is dead. NO current DATA saved/backed up. Some older items deleted to make room … WORST possible time …

Booted Windows from the previous HDD … OK, but out of date, naturally (& no current data – of course).

Tried the DEAD HDD on USB, USB3, using USB powered 3.0 adapter, adapter with power (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0). Randomly, the disk was appearing (after a long time) but never long enough to read a bit from it …

It is under warranty – so no other experiments apply. Complicating is that SEAGATE wants it back – so no future attempts (e.g. once the replacement is installed) … I get it … they want proof it’s dead and they don’t want to send it back. (A very good argument to keep data encrypted and keys on separate media – I did!)

Progress will be posted here …

Green Value Host

I will have to write something more about Green Value Host, the CHEAP and useless provider! You see a brandnew site here because they just switched off my server without warning and 3 weeks before the end of the contract (10+ days after I gave them notice that I will not renew.

The tickets sent to them got answers 24-30 hours later and went
“oh, whats wrong” –
“do you really want us to restore it?”
EVEN AFTER I ASKED for my (paid) service – nothing more from GVH!

SORRY to all who tried to get to the eMail in the last few days …

I tried to set up a new VPS (SUCCESS) and install a new panel.

FAILED getting virtualmin/webmin to work the way I wanted (4 days)

DECIDED to use VestaCP, started this morning and VOILA!

1) server, DNS, MAIL (!!!) working out of the box (almost)

2) got this page (WordPress) up within 8 hours

NOW I have a lot more clean-up to do …

REMEMBER THIS:  However cheap your server is at GVH you will pay 1000x more in lost time and grief. This is now running with ServerMania (ALSO using COLOCROSSING – just like GVH). Conclusion: COLOCROSSING is  not the main problem … Updates to follow